Enable ActiveSync on an Exchange Mailbox

Enable ActiveSync for a Single Mailbox

If you are looking for how to enable Active Sync on an Exchange Mailbox, these simple commands can help you achieve this! I also included come Power Shell that covers how to enable EAS for multiple Exchange Mailboxes.

ActiveSync or EAS, Exchange ActiveSync is a technology that allows mobile devices to connect to Exchange Server remotely. Back before this, you had to use Blackberry Enterprise Servers (BES) or Good Technology (Goodlink, if you’re old enough to remember this!) in order to allow mobile devices to connect to email in the enterprise. Both of these solutions were expensive and they also required additional server infrastructure. If either one of these services was having an issue, your email stopped working.

exchange activesync
Email is one of the main forms of communications and ActiveSync is at the heart of how its done

How do I Enable ActiveSync

These cmdlets will work on most versions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 since it’s pretty much the same across the board. They should also work with Office 365 hosted Exchange Mailboxes.

Set-CasMailbox -Identity user@domainname.com -ActiveSyncEnabled $true

When you first try to enable Active Sync, you might accidentally try the Set-Mailbox cmdlet. This is a common mistake so don’t feel bad, it happens to everyone at least once.

ActiveSync for Multiple Users

You can do this several different ways. You can have a list of users in a csv file, you can reference an OU. In this example we will enable Active Sync for all users in an OU.

$Mailboxes = Get-Mailbox -OrganizationalUnit "OU=Engineering,OU=Texas,DC=articlekb,DC=com" -ResultSize Unlimited
$Mailboxes | foreach {Set-CasMailbox $_.Mailboxes -ActiveSyncEnabled $true}

The first line of this command will get all of the mailboxes from the Engineering OU and assign them to the $Mailboxes variable

Next, in the second line we will iterate through the mailboxes using foreach statement enabling ActiveSync for each mailbox inside of the variable.

Disable ActiveSync for a Single Mailbox

We are going to do the reverse of what we did to set the mailboxes. It is as simple as changing $true to $false in the code

Set-CasMailbox -Identity user@domainname.com -ActiveSyncEnabled $false

How to Disable ActiveSync for Multiple Mailboxes

Finally, in this last example we are going to disable ActiveSync for multiple users on our Exchange Server.

$Mailboxes = Get-Mailbox -OrganizationalUnit "OU=Engineering,OU=Texas,DC=articlekb,DC=com" -ResultSize Unlimited
$Mailboxes | foreach {Set-CasMailbox $_.Mailboxes -ActiveSyncEnabled $false}

Good Luck!

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